Master of Business Administration

Dual degrees from France and United Kingdom with full accredited and recognition



An MBA programme is always a good investment. However, SIMI believes it will be even more effective if it is practical for the learners, suitable for the global business environment and helps learners solve problems in their own administration, management and business.

The achievements of the Dual Degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme is to combine theory and intensive practice in the field of administration and management, emphasising planning, strategic management, sales, administration, and comprehensive operation of all parts of an enterprise. SIMI’s MBA with dual degree programme is the only programme that combines the UK National Qualifications Framework with the Swiss Higher Education system.

In addition to specialised knowledge, learners are also equipped with problem-solving skills, team leadership skills, human resource management and independent thinking ability, to be able to self-study and self-development in the corporate environment, as well as doing their own in-depth research in the dissertation process, business research or study up to  Doctor.

Program in details

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