Board of Academic voices

We believe that the success of any educational institution is dependent on (1) excellent quality control systems, (2) academic breadth, and (3) appropriate training models.



The new educational world encourages learners to ask their own questions and seek the best solutions rather than simply following instructions. Every day, our lecturers will assist students in delving deeply into critical inquiry to address some of the world’s most pressing issues. The Board of Academic is responsible not only for developing rigorous quality standards for the training program, but also for selecting qualified instructors and controlling the overall quality of the training process.

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Our Dean's voices

Institute of Business & Innovation

Université Libérale de Paris

“Management science is a broad interdisciplinary study of problem-solving and decision making in organizations. It uses a combination of analytical models, data science, and behavioral sciences.”

Institute of Aviation & Logistics

Université Libérale de Paris

“Aviation Management and Logistics faculty will help learners effectively plan, implement, and monitor services, information flow related to these in the Aviation sector.”

Institute of Finance & Banking

Université Libérale de Paris

“We are not only educating accounting and banking professionals, but inspiring the next generation of leaders who will drive change in all areas of accounting and financial  society.”

Institute of Education Sciences

Université Libérale de Paris

“Our education faculty members are in charge of classroom learning methods, academics of education services, as well as emerging online and digital education technologies.”

Institute of Information Technology

Université Libérale de Paris

“We are uniquely positioned to teach both the academic and practical sides of IT and computer science. Learners can join the workforce immediately upon completing program requirements.”

Institute of Hospitality Management

Université Libérale de Paris
“After the pandemic, the hospitality industry is more developed than ever and in France, with the support of our government, it is one of the promising industries with wide career opportunities.”

Every class has a chance to get better!

Quality and accreditation are not for marketing, but rather a means for Paris-U to improve in each lesson

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