Receive two independent Doctor’s qualification from France and Poland

2 Doctor's Degree
with Accreditation
& Recognition


Doctor of Philosophy in Majors Dual Qualifications with UITM (By Research)

Master of Philosophy in Management

Master of Philosophy in TESOL

Master of Philosophy in Public Administration

Master of Philosophy in International Relations

Master of Philosophy in Hospitality Management

Differences of Paris-U’s Doctoral Programs

In addition to meeting international standards, programs at Paris-U also thoroughly apply the A.C.T principles as follows:

  • Accredited programs with international recognition.
  • Changeability that allows changing majors and earning additional degrees within 6 months after graduation.
  • T-Shaped competencies and skills.


Dual qualifications with the France & Poland

Received 2 qualifications with: (1) DBA from UITM, Poland and (2) PhD in Majors from Université Libérale de Paris (Paris-U)

Global recognition

Dual-Qualification programs at Université Libérale de Paris (Paris-U) offer one step ahead to the labour market, study, or transfer to other education systems.

Scholarships and Grants

Université Libérale de Paris (Paris-U) offers a variety of Scholarships for International Students.

Université Libérale de Paris

Université Libérale de Paris (Paris-U) offers only higher education programs in English that differ from the French National Curricula and Programmes leading to French Government accredited university qualifications, which fall under the French Public Higher Education sector.

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