Liberal Education

A.C.T is the DNA of Paris-U

Liberal Education is a method of education that empowers and equips individuals to deal with complexity, diversity, and change. When conducting programs at Paris-U, we utilized A.C.T principles, and we were also the first liberal arts university in the world to implement the entire APEL.Q procedure.

  • Accredited Programs with international recognition.
  • Change and get another degree major within 06 months.
  • T-Shaped skills.

Change I-Shaped
into T-Shaped person

In the context of turbulence in the working and business environment, employees need not only professional competence but also the ability to quickly switch and connect to other fields and a T-shaped person is the one who has more advantages and chances of success when he/she can adapt easily.


Core skills with A broad knowledge

Paris-U combines specialist knowledge with industry-wide expertise.

Critical thinking & collaboration

100% of class assignments and activities promote critical thinking and teamwork.

It is possible to switch to another major with only 2 more courses and a thesis.

Long-life learning and mobility

The accreditation program is compatible with the EQF, which aids in recognition.

Get a second degree within 6 months!

T-shape person needs to convert fields very quickly and Paris-U makes it easy to convert as much as possible.


Study second major

Students learn some more specialized subjects as required by the program.

Make another thesis

Students do thesis with major expected to change.

Get second degree

Received a degree with a new major from Paris-U in less than 6 months.

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Qualifications (APEL.Q)

As a crucial component of Liberal Education, Paris-U is the first university in the world to fully implement the APEL.Q approach to acknowledge past experience and knowledge. Assist students in becoming rapidly recognized and entering the labor market.

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