Liberal Education

A.C.T is the DNA of Paris-U

Liberal Education is an educational approach that trains and equips individuals to deal with complexity, diversity, and change. At Paris-U, we apply the A.C.T principles in our programs, and we are also the first liberal arts university in the world to implement the entire APEL.Q procedure.

  • Accredited programs with international recognition.
  • Changeability that allows changing majors and earning additional degrees within 6 months after graduation. 
  • T-Shaped competencies and skills.

Change I-Shaped
into T-Shaped person

In the context of VUCA (Volatility - Uncertainty - Complexity - Ambiguity), employees need not only professional competence but also the ability to quickly switch and connect to other fields. "T-Shaped" oriented training helps form a group of experts who can quickly adapt to uncertain changes.


Core skills with broad knowledge

Paris-U’s programs combine specialized knowledge with industry-wide expertise.

Critical thinking & Collaboration skills

100% of class assignments and activities foster critical thinking and teamwork skills.

Flexibility & Changeability

Switching to another major is possible with only two additional courses and a thesis.

Long-life learning and Mobility

Paris-U’s accredited programs are compatible with EQF and regional frameworks, helping smooth transition and recognition.

Get a second degree within 6 months!

T-shaped professionals need quick adaptability. Paris-U enables them to change majors easily and to earn a second degree within 6 months after graduation.



Study second major

Students learn some more specialized subjects as required by the program.

Do another thesis

Students do a thesis in a major to which they desire to change.

Earn a second degree

Students receive a degree with a new major from Paris-U within 6 months.

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Qualifications (APEL.Q)

Being a crucial part of Liberal Education, Paris-U is the world's first university to fully implement the APEL.Q approach, recognizing experience and knowledge. This assists students in swiftly gaining recognition and entering the job market.

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