Micro Master's Degree in Supply Chain and Operations Strategy

Level 7 is equivalent to Master's level

This unit aims to develop learners’ understanding of supply chain and operations management, including its scope, impact and importance, as well as the strategic decisions that need to be made in today’s world of global supply and global markets, considering the major competitive drivers. The unit discusses supply chain and operations management practices and approaches in various contexts. 

Level 7 is equivalent to Master’s level and could transfer 20 credits and total tuition fees to Master programs of Paris-U.

Programs in details

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand critical operations and supply chain management concepts, theories and strategies.

1.1 Evaluate the concepts and principles of operations and supply chain management.

1.2 Critically discuss the key drivers of effective supply chain management.

1.3 Assess how effective operations and supply chain management can enhance competitiveness.

1.4 Critically evaluate critical decisions made by businesses to improve their supply chain and operations.

1.5 Critically review the application of different strategic approaches to organisations’ supply chain and operations management.

2. Understand performance measurement approaches and techniques. 

2.1 Assess the relevance of performance measurement within supply chain and operations management.

2.2 Evaluate various financial, non-financial, single and multi-factor performance measures applicable to organisations. 

2.3 Evaluate the selection and application of key performance indicators for effective supply chain and operations management.

2.4 Explain how intra and inter-organisational benchmarking can help organisations improve their supply chain and operations management efficiency.

  • Critical decisions in supply chain and operations management, operations performance objectives,  Operations strategy matrix, order winners and order qualifiers, Trade-offs and the efficient frontier,  the 4V’s (volume, variety, variation in demand and visibility) framework for operations processes,  Sandcone model of improvement, Hayes and  Wheelwright’s four stages of operations contribution, process design and process technology strategies, quality strategy and elements incl. six sigma, critical drivers of supply chain management, Supply chain. 
  • Integration, the role of information and information technology in SCM, incentive alignment across supply chain partners incl. buyback, revenue sharing and quantity flexibility contracting arrangements, supply chain risk management,  resilience, outsourcing: when, what and how, lean,  agile and agile strategies, Push vs pull system and decoupling point, quick response, efficient consumer response, Vendor managed inventory  (VMI), Collaborative forecasting, planning and replenishment (CPFR), Bullwhip effect.
  • Operations performance measures (cost, quality,  speed, reliability and flexibility); supply chain  performance measures, financial, non-financial,  single and multi-factor measures; Balanced  Scorecard, SCOR framework and supply chain  benchmarking

Indicative reading list 

  • Christopher, M. (2016). Logistics & Supply Chain Management. 5th Edition, FT Publishing International 
  • Chopra, S. (2019). Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation, Global Edition, Pearson 
  • Slack, N. and Brandon-Jones, A. (2019). Operations Management. 9th Edition. Pearson. 
  • Leong, G. and Tan, K-C. (2017). Principles of Supply Chain Management: A Balanced Approach.5th Edition. Cengage
  • Krajewski, L.J. Malhotra, M.K. and Ritzman, L. P. (2018). Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains, 12th Edition, Pearson 

Entry requirements

To enroll in the Micro Master program, the learner must possess:

  • Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or achieved a Level 6 Diploma according to the European Qualifications
  • For a non-global accredited university degree, The learner should have followed the Accreditation of Prior Experimental Learning for Qualification (APELQ) policy of Université Libérale de Paris (Paris-U). 
  • Learners must be over 21 years old.

Université Libérale de Paris reserves the highest decision-making power for admission whether to accept or not accept after a specific review of each candidate’s profile to ensure they can comprehend and gain benefits when participating. For the fake university or diploma mills, SIMI shall not be accepted.

English language requirements

If a learner is not from a predominantly English-speaking country, proof of English language proficiency must be provided.

  • Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level B2 or equivalent
  • Or A minimum TOEFL score of 101 or IELTS 6.5; Reading and Writing must be at 6.5 or equivalent

After graduating from Micro Master programs, students receive all certified documents from Université Libérale de Paris.

Certified Documents:

  • e-Certificate from Université Libérale de Paris. 
  • Hard copy certificate from Université Libérale de Paris
  • Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Qualification (APELQ) certified from Paris-U for credit and tuition fee transfer
  • Certification & Recognition certified from Paris-U

Because the program is accredited and recognized, students can easily use permitted in the working environment and have many opportunities for career advancement. In addition, if you want to study for a university degree, students can convert all credits and the full tuition fee when participating in the program Paris-U.

Université Libérale de Paris’s Micro Master Degree means:

Paris-U Micro Master Degree is certified at the master level and is equivalent to:

  • Level 7 Certificate of Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) of the UK
  • Level 10 certificate of Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)
  • Level 7 Certificate of Credit and Qualifications Framework (CQFW)
  • Level 7 certificate of European Qualifications Framework (EQF)
  • Level 9 certificates of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
  • Level 7 certificate of ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF)
  • Level 9 certificate of the African Continental Qualifications Framework (ACQF)

Students can convert all credits and the full tuition fee when participating in the Paris-U academic programs if they want to study for an academic degree.

Credits transfer:

Learners can accumulate 20 credits from the Micro Master program when participating in the Master of Arts in Education Management and Innovation Pedagogy (MAEMIP) of Paris-U. Please see the credit transfer policy HERE

Tuition fee transfer:

When participating in the MAEMIP program, students who have graduated from the Micro Master program will receive a discount equivalent with short courses tuition fee for each certified. Please see the tuition fee transfer HERE.

[APEL.Q] – Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) for Award of Academic Qualifications (Q) is the award of academic qualifications to individual learners through the evaluation and assessment of prior experiential learning towards fully accredited programmes offered by Paris-U. A degree with [APEL.Q] pathway is granted on the basis of the knowledge, skills, and competencies acquired through formal, informal, or non-formal learning.

As a crucial component of Liberal Education, Paris-U is the first university in the world to fully implement the APEL.Q approach to acknowledge experience and knowledge. Assist students in becoming rapidly recognized and entering the labor market.

Short Courses Certified programs are completely approved and recognized, according to the same rigorous standards as academic degree programs. Learners might include this qualification in their portfolios when submitting for the APEL.Q examination.

Please note that, the APEL.Q process will lead to only the MLSCM degree of Paris-U, not a dual degree. For more information, read more HERE

Université Libérale de Paris (Paris-U) Certified program is not-for-profit, so the tuition fees are fully supported by Paris-U’s partners. Université Libérale de Paris reserves the right not to accept more students if the number exceeds the quotas.

Apply Policy:

  • To participate in Paris-U’s Short courses program, students need to meet the entry criteria corresponding to each level. Please see the “Entry” tab for more details.
  • Paris-U will only accept applicants if their entry qualifications are from diploma mill universities or schools/universities that are accredited.
  • For Level 7 short courses programs, if an entry bachelor is unavailable, students must demonstrate a minimum of 5 years of work experience in the relevant field. Please note that a bachelor’s degree is required for the Master’s program at Paris-U, so you could take the Micro Master program but could not move to the Master’s program at Paris-U.
  • English is not a mandatory entry requirement for short course programs, but candidates must ensure that English is used in reading documents, listening to lectures, and doing assignments. Candidates should note that English is mandatory when switching to an academic program at Paris-U.

Apply Process:

  1.  Choose the program that suits your requirements. Note that applicants without a university degree will not be able to participate in the program at Level 7, and applicants without a Master’s degree will not be able to participate in the program at Level 8.
  2. Email your application to support@paris-u.fr with all the required documents. You could download the application form here.
  3. Our admission department will reach out to you and guide you through further processes if the registration documents need to be supplemented.
  4. Université Libérale de Paris will issue the Letter of Acceptant (LOA). You will proceed to the next steps according to the instructions and pay the tuition fee.
  5. Université Libérale de Paris will issue a student confirmation letter, login account to the e-learning system and related documents.
  6. You have become an official Paris-U student and enjoy your study journey.

The Short Courses Certified program is a fully online program. You can study anytime, anywhere. The final exam will be uploaded to the system and marked by the academic panel of Paris-U. Students must submit assignments on time. Otherwise, the student is considered not to continue the program.

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Tuition fees

Tuition policies are in keeping with the provisions of the Paris-U policy and are subject to change without notice. In some cases, Paris-U offers a variety of Scholarships for International Students. 

Level 7 short courses certificate & e-certificate
Hard copy certificate & APEL.Q documents
Transfer to Paris-U Degree

Université Libérale de Paris

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