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In terms of higher education institutions, there are more than 3,500 public and private schools, including Universities, Grandes Ecoles and schools of art or architecture, which is a wide choice for international students who want to study in France. Their excellence in the education and research field is widely acknowledged and placed highly in the most reputable global rankings, such as the Times Higher Education and the QS.

Studying in France means benefiting from these recognitions as students make their dream to study abroad in France for higher education. This article will briefly examine France’s higher education school system and the types of institutes the students will apply to.

The Universities: Higher Education Institutions For All

Universities receive 75% of the international students who pick France for their post-secondary education. The French State finances these public higher education institutes. Located all around the country, the universities award national degrees with the same academic value.

Higher Education Institutions

Universities in France are famous for students to look up to as they want to study in higher education institutions.

Anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent can enrol in the first year. Literature, science, arts, languages, medicine, humanities, and sport: university programmes cover all areas of learning and research, along with the facilitation from the school for a better study and studying environment.

As higher education institutions are internationally renowned and well-equipped in terms of infrastructure, their programmes have generally been subsidised in that students can get a reasonable and affordable tuition rate. For international students, scholarship opportunities in France are tremendous and widespread, allowing students to have many choices in studying abroad.

The Grandes Ecoles: The French Higher Education Institutions Of Excellence

20% of international students are enrolled in a Grandes Ecoles programme. Instituts d’Etudes Politiques (IEP – Political Science Institutes), Écoles Normales Supérieures (ENS -Institutes of Advanced Education), engineering schools, management and business schools, veterinary schools, and some others; these Grandes Ecoles are private and public institutes of higher education institutions recognised by the State.

Higher Education Institutions

Grande École in France is for excellent students in higher education institutions system.

They are similar to universities but typically offer a more specialised three-year course in engineering, business, or public administration. Students are admitted to the Grandes écoles based on their scores on a competitive exam; hence, their learning process and training are provided in English. Additionally, if they confer degrees for 5 years of undergraduate studies, they could be awarded the title of Master.

Admission to the Grandes Ecoles is highly competitive. Students are accepted based on an entrance exam after taking a two-year preparatory program, an equivalent degree, or directly after high school for integrated schools with a preparatory programme. Tuition and fees are higher than for public universities.

Specialised Schools and Institutes In Higher Education Institutions Systems

Nearly 3,000 private and public institutes of higher education offer courses in specific sectors such as audio-visual, medicine, journalism, communication, design and fashion, political science, agronomy, etc.

Higher Education Institutions

The specialised institutions for students can consider for choosing higher education institutions.

These institutes award certificates and degrees that the French State might or might not recognise. Admission to these specialised institutes and schools is determined by either a competitive entrance exam or the applicant’s portfolio. Studies journeys generally last two to five years in the process.

Some private schools have chambers of commerce and industry to award their degrees. These higher education institutes in applied arts and art are very selective. Students are enrolled by selectively analysing the applicant’s file from school, completing a competitive entry exam or interviewing.

School Of Art And Applied Arts – One Specialty of Higher Education Institutions

In France, there are almost 50 public design and art schools overseen by the Ministry of Culture. Training in design, art and communication is provided in 3-5 years, with national degrees awarded if successfully completed. Some also offer a third level of study.

Higher Education Institutions

The institute of art in higher education institutions of France.

Four highly-reputable public schools of art are directly overseen by the Ministry of Higher Education: Boulle, Olivier de Serres, Duperré and Estienne. They confer national degrees in graphic design, spatial design, fashion and crafts, mainly related to the art industry.


3 different types of higher education institutions give advantages to learners as they have a wide range of choices in terms of majors and courses in France. International students can choose suitable institutions for their personal preferences and financial statements.

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